Stitch by stitch, this is what we’re made of.


In the beginning, there was neckwear.

We embody Bespoke: “made-to-order” means crafted according to the needs of our customer base. It’s not just about quality and creativity: it’s about taking men’s neckwear and accessories to the next level while focusing on what we have always done best. Premium menswear rooted in quality relationships, design and product is the very core of our foundation. 

Founded in 2012 by former Superba and PVH executive Danielle Mandelbaum, along with industry veteran James LaQuinta, they envisioned a company with a fresh point of view.

Mandelbaum’s extensive and impactful history began in 1997 when she joined Superba, her father Mervyn Mandelbaum’s neckwear company — hence his nickname "The Necktie King".

With continued growth, Paul Mitchell joined Bespoke Fashion in 2016, bringing with him years of essential business expertise.


Our Core Values

Your values are our values. They embody who we are as a company, the decisions that guide us, and everything that inspires us to put out quality products.



We are our relationships, and we cultivate them every single day. We are here to make an impact side-by-side with the best talent in the business, and are rooted in a decades-long history of it.



We love what we do, and it shows. Bespoke members and clients are treated like family: we laugh together and challenge each other to do the kind of work that leads this industry.



Quality, quality, quality. From traditional styles to modern trends, we create designs that people want to wear. We employ the top designers and partner with the best manufacturers so that we always exceed expectations.



We say price, but we really mean value. Developing quality product at a great value is what we aim to do. Our manufacturing partners in Asia and Italy allows us to develop into a range of price points.    




These are the people who create, guide, inspire, and keep us stitched together into one Bespoke Family.

Daniell Mandelbaum.png

Danielle Mandelbaum Anderman

Chief Executive Officer

Following law school, Danielle joined Superba in 1997. After gaining hands-on experience in production at Superba’s Los Angeles facility, she moved to New York to focus on product development and sales. Danielle quickly helped grow Superba into a powerhouse, which led to the momentous sale of the company to Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) in 2007. Buoyed by her experience in the neckwear and accessories industry along with watching her father grow the largest neckwear company in the U.S., Danielle identified a niche in the market for men’s accessories. She founded Bespoke Fashion in 2012.

James LaQuinta.png

James LaQuinta

Head of Design & Product Development

James began in the Dress Shirt Buying office of Lord & Taylor, and then continued to focus on private label neckwear and accessories product development at Macy’s Merchandising Group. He was responsible for launching the Talbot’s Men’s Furnishing Division and developed neckwear, dress shirts and small leather goods. He joined Superba in 2004, taking the helm of developing a private label for Nordstrom and Dillard’s. Since 2009, James has been the head of design for the entire PVH Neckwear division, furthering his extensive expertise before landing into his integral role at Bespoke Fashion.

Paul Mitchell.png

Paul Mitchell

President of Sales & Operations

Paul began his career in Men's furnishings at Robinsons May and eventually Macy's after the merger in 2005. He joined Superba in 2008 as the Director of Merchandising and continued to work there through PVH's acquisition of the brand as he rose to a VP Brand Manager before joining Bespoke in 2016. He has 16 years of Men’s Furnishing experience in all aspects of the business- buying, sourcing and sales.


Meet The Team

We are a group of thinkers, designers, creators, and go-getters. We show up each and every day loving what we do, and it shows with everything we produce.